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Born and raised just outside of Los Angeles. Brennan, a multitalented creative professional has excelled in multiple roles in her early career.


Furthermore, Brennan has successfully operated in Assistant Directing roles. Involving leising with high profile talent and talent relations. 


Through Producing short films such as Crooked Muse (2022) Brennan has overseen projects from script development to post production. As a producer and storyteller Brennan envisions filmmaking that will broaden the voices and talents of women, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC. A Zillennial herself, she recognizes the importance of engaging younger audiences, drawing them in with an authentic voice and style.

Brennan is a founding team member of SchoolyardTV an OTT digital media Network bringing scripted TV to audiences. Brennan coordinated & produced with the Schoolyard team in the production of Burb Patrol a "mokumentary" series that launched in early 2020. 

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