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Foodie Friday: Pizza (GF/DF)

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Introducing a new lil’ thang; Foodie Friday!

I’m going to share what I’m cooking (almost) every Friday.


What better way to celebrate making the crawl to Friday than with FOOD!

As this week came to a close I found myself missing the ease of grabbing a pizza and some beer and heading over to your friends house. While I don't have a substitute for beer yet... Pizza I can do.

Since changing my diet over to Gluten and Dairy free, pizza was something that was kind of out of the question. Or at least getting a good pizza... So creating the perfect homemade pizza is now my mission.

My first attempt started with the Trader Joe's Kale and Broccoli frozen dough which was incredibly easy to cook before dressing my pizza.

Now I’m someone who does like a bit of a fancy pizza.

Especially with vegan cheese options I like to throw all sorts of flavors on there. I sauté mushrooms in garlic and olive oil with a squeeze of lemon.

You’ll find I’m not much of a measurement kind of chef… so do your best.

I then go for any traditional fresh tomato sauce or tomatoes for a base.

With Miyoko's fresh Mozzarella or Cashew Mozzarella from TJ’s is good too!


Other toppings:

I’ll add onions, red or green, artichoke hearts, and of course fresh basil! I’m not a huge meat eater but something great to add to this would be GF turkey pepperoni or sausage as well. I love Applegate meats they’re gluten free and so tasty.


Pizza is something that connects people together. How many fun times or amazing conversations have humans shared over a pizza?

So cheers to pizza and bringing people together, safely!

Comment your favorite pizza toppings or homemade dough!

You can find all these products at stores like: WholeFoods, Gelson's Market, Ralph's, Sprouts, Trader Joe's, & Target

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