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Intersectional Feminism

One of the first books I read about feminism was Bad Feminist By Roxane Gay. I'll be honest I think it was the cute pink cover that caught my eye at first. But what I found within the cute pink pages were valuable lessons and knowledge I've become extremely grateful for.

Bad feminist gave me permission to be whatever kind of feminist felt right to me. It didn't mean that I had to fit into a box of action/dressing/being a certain way. But it also introduced me to the notion that feminism could look like anything. Approaching feminism in this way allows for feminism itself to morph more closely to what it needs to be. Which is a more inclusive message overall.

I went on to experience the readings of bell hooks and Audre Lorde among others. bell hooks taught me intersectional feminism. She taught me that we cannot separate parts of ourselves to focus on one single issue; especially when it comes to facing racism and discrimination.

Therefore, it relies on those of us "less" marginalized to stand up for and protect ALL our neighbors. Who's intersectionalities have created more systematic oppression for them. For example I (a cis White woman) face the affects of sexism frequently. But unlike Roxane Gay (a Black Bisexual female) I do not additionally confront racist and homophobic systems. Making my personal experience on this Earth a "lighter load" generally speaking.

It is our duty as White women to lift up the voices, work, thoughts, art, businesses etc. of Black women. While also simultaneously working to un-indoctrinate systems and teachings of white supremacy. We cannot continue to rely on Black women while fighting for ideas of equality if we are neglecting their lack of equality in other areas. Black women have been asked to be silent within this movement for far too long.

We cannot be equal until ALL are equal.

We are not all perfect. Finding your way within this space wether new or experienced can be difficult. Keep going, keep trying, keep reading, keep listening. It might be tough but it's more than important its imperative.

I encourage you to seek out these Black Feminists as well as others! Absorb their writings, talk about them with friends & family, take intersectional feminism classes at University. White feminism must be made a thing of the past.


Here are some Black owned Bookstores in Los Angeles!


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's We Should All Be Feminists is my next read!

What are some of your favorite books/readings surrounding intersectional feminism, anti-racism, allyship?



@chicksforclimate - thanks for the images and descriptions!

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