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Got a Mask?

If you're reading this and you don't regularly wear a mask WHAT are you doing?!

...and if you do wear a mask,



Now that we all have a new accessory to add to our daily look its time to get shopping!

Not only are reusable cloth masks way better for styling an outfit than disposable paper ones. They are SO much better for the environment, especially if you're buying locally and sustainably. With all the new ways our world is making waste in order to keep safe wearing a reusable mask is just 1 small way we can eliminate/minimize COVID waste.


Reuse MaskLA:

These were the first masks I ordered when I realized that this pandemic was going to be our new normal for a while....

What I love about this company is that it’s local to my home and they have great prints and differing sizes! I ordered an Adult pink tie dye print and their ‘original’ smoke grey tie dye print. The feel of these masks are amazing -so soft!

I have somewhat of a small face and have found that some masks are too big or fall off my face. This mask is the perfect fit if you’re wearing it for a while and it’s easy to talk in. If you feel you have a smaller face a kids size might be more comfortable! I had a hiccup with my order but their customer service was so friendly and responded quickly.

“Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, these masks are crafted from a high quality fabric blend, making them not only supremely comfortable and fitted, but machine washable as well! We take your whole family into consideration, and have created sizes for both adults and children.”


I stumbled upon these through an (okay I’ll admit it) Instagram ad.

But I am sure glad I did cause damn these are cuuuute! Plus these masks are very comfortable as well. The fabric texture is so nice against the skin and allows for a bit more breathing room than others. If you prefer a looser fit these are your kind of mask.

I will say though because of the more loose type fabric without sunglasses/glasses holding down the top of the mask; I found it tended to fall when I would talk or wear it for a longer period of time.

I loved these so much I have more on the way, excited to see the new prints!

"100% cotton face mask 3pc set in 3 assorted patterns– light leopard, black and dark leopard

• Soft cotton material

• Washable & reusable

• Comfortable & easy to wear

• One size fits most"

Bailey Blue

These masks are great! They have all the comfort of the reuse mask with extra protection!

I also love that they have the pocket inside to fit the carbon filter. These are perfect for when I know I'm going somewhere where there might be a lot of people especially if you’re out there working!

I purchased the all black in both the Adult and Children sizes because I wasn’t sure about the measurements. The larger is great for a longer wear while I love the smaller for throwing on to go on a walk or to the store.

"The all-new Bailey Blue Filtered Face Mask strikes the ultimate balance between breathability and protection.

The filtered face mask contains 3 layers of rayon/spandex jersey, and a special pocket allows for the insertion of the included PM 2.5 carbon filter, for a total of 6 layers. "

My next Mask venture is something a little more fashion forward! Looking forward to the SecondWind restock and any suggestions y’all might have!

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