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How to Style: The Shoulder Pad Tank

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The shoulder pad tank has been popping up since spring...

While it was fun for spring and summer, I think it's going to be an essential for the Fall.

This top is so simple and easy to pair with basically any bottom and you're serving up a certified LOOK.

I started with black because I figured I would wear it most even if I didn't end up loving it. Buuut turns out, I LOVE it. I'm a big fan of cotton t-shirts or tanks with jeans or comfy bottoms but sometimes that can get boring. I like that this top can easily add to an outfit with minimal effort on my part.

I'll probably get more colors in the future. But I got this one here.

Don't be afraid of the dramatic shoulder!

This is a perfect stepping stone into going with a bolder look if you're more timid with your clothing choices.

You can pair this top with any options in your closet from jeans to a skirt...

Leave the bottom out for a more flowy look or tuck it in like I did here, for a more structured crisp situation.

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